Happily made in Australia

Minimal Waste

Claire uses minimal-waste pattern-making in all her designs.

She allows whatever scraps are leftover to inspire her; sometimes this leads to collaborations with other artists, sometimes it’s a quirky one-off product, whatever the outcome Claire makes sure every last scrap finds a home somewhere other than the bin.


Claire aims to use the most sustainable processes and environmentally friendly products she can find.

Our fabrics are printed at Next State in Melbourne whose form of Digital Printing applies pigment ink directly onto fabric using heat and pressure. This means no water and no wasted ink. Plus a percentage of Next State’s power is supplied from renewable energy sources. They also ensure all inks and dyes are manufactured by suppliers using Oeko-Tex approved chemicals and colourants. How great is that? 


Claire Ritchie products are as Aussie as can be. Textile goods like Kitchen Towels, Wall Hangings and Pillows are cut, sewn and finished in her sunny Brisbane home studio.

And we use Australian suppliers. Shout out to the fab team at Fern Textiles who specialise in eco-friendly fabrics and provide us with our 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

Thoughtful Collaboration

We like doing things differently. And we like doing business with people who do things differently too.

Relationships are important to us and we’re thoughtful about who we work with. We do our research and when we partner up we make sure it’s with businesses whose values align with ours.

Keen to work with us? Get in touch Include everything you think we need to know about you/your brand/your business and the project you have in mind.