Hi, I'm Claire

I'm an Australian artist known for handcrafted art that’s thoughtfully made and inspired by fun, nostalgic shapes and colours. My use of pattern and saturated colour is inspired by the nature around me and by the wish to add something positive and uplifting to the world - whether that be as an original painting, wall hanging, art print, pillow, kitchen towel, accessory or greeting card.

I know how important it is to feel good about the art you bring into your life. So I've made the unique commitment to produce on a small scale with a made-to-order model. This saves resources like fabric, ink, paper, shipping materials and labor. You could call it sustainability but I just call it feel-good business. That’s why when I partner with other artists and companies I choose carefully to make sure our environment comes first.

Most of all I value your support of my feel-good business model and I can’t wait to continue sharing my art with you!