Gracie Keal x Claire Ritchie Collaboration

Cian Cottee is the vintage fabric collector, grinch-movie-loving, and op shop connoisseur behind beloved doll label Gracie Keal

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Cian hand blends her love for pre-loved fabric with her unique eye for a doll that's made treasure, whether you're 5 or 50!

The collaboration between Cian and Claire came naturally, both women with a strong drive to see less fabric waste. In a modern textile industry that values fast-fashion for it's affordability- this often means a reduction in quality and a focus on cheaper is better. Both women have chosen to embrace a more calmly paced production style. 

Slow and patient is how Cian describes her process and we can get behind that mentality as it's how all textile pieces are made in Claire's home studio. The Gracie Keal dolls, made with fabric remnants from Claire's production process, each take one and a half hours to create from start to finish. 

Melbourne Artist Cian Cottee creates hand-made Gracie Keal Dolls in collaboration with Brisbane-based Artist and Illustrator Claire Ritchie

With the crossover of these important values we're so excited to share this wonderful collaboration and we hope you can take some time to follow @graciekealaus and possibly take home a uniquely crafted doll that's ready to be loved by you and yours!